Our Crew

jordan Jordan Powell, Owner

Jordan started working on lawns at the age of 10, running a blower while his brother mowed and his dad trimmed a yard or two. At home, it was his brother’s responsibility to mow, and when Jordan noticed the job wasn’t getting done, he took it upon himself to start mowing.

It wasn’t long before neighbors started noticing Jordan’s work ethic and asked him to mow their yards, too. From there, CCLC has continued to grow into the lawn maintenance and landscaping company that it is. Jordan’s passion for hardscaping keeps him busy on the landscaping side, however, it isn’t uncommon to find Jordan on a mower working side-by-side with his mowing crew. Jordan keeps a well-oiled machine, both behind the scenes, and on-site.


Megan Powell

Jordan’s wife, Megan, became an integral part of the company in 2008, assisting in the implementation of new invoicing systems.  It wasn’t long before Megan was taking on addtional responsibilities, such as managing the website, social media, invoicing, and advertising. Megan performs many of the behind-the-scenes duties, and rarely helps out on-site, but it does happen from time to time!



Bryan, Landscape Foreman

When Jordan was first toying with the idea of providing more than just mowing services, he was introduced to Bryan.  Jordan would often bounce landscaping ideas off of Bryan and, every so often, you could see them teaming up for projects. This friendship led to a business merger that has proven to benefit our clients in the best of ways. He comes to us with twenty years of landscaping experience. Bryan is a hard worker with an eye for detail… add that in with him being a jack of all trades and you start to see just how lucky we are to have him on-site.

Ryan, Landscape Crew Leader

Ryan, a certified welder, joined the crew in 2019 with experience in landscaping. He is one of our landscape crew leaders. On-site, Ryan is dedicated to seeing a job through. You will see him out in the field working on softscapes (plants, brick edging, laying decorative rock), but is skilled in hardscape, too!

Bill, Landscape Crew

Bill joined our crew in 2019. He comes from a background of automotive, but has been eager to learn and has been proving to be a great asset to the landscaping crew. Bill also services all of our vehicles and maintains all of our small engine equipment. We appreciate him!

Adam, Mowing Crew Leader

Adam, started with the company in the spring of 2018 as a crew member. He comes from a background of automotive sales. Adam was quick to learn the ins and outs of lawn maintenance. He enjoys getting to know each and every one of our customers and looks forward to seeing them on a weekly basis when he services your property.  He also keeps our equipment looking top-notch on a weekly basis. You can find Adam providing top-notch lawn care for our mowing accounts. He has an eye for detail and loves a beautifully striped yard.

 John, Crew Member

John joined our crew in 2019. He has years of mowing experience. You will find John working alongside Adam on the mowing crew. John is a great addition to our crew!

Colton, Crew Member

Colton has been with us since 2016.  He is reliable and has been an integral part of our company. He is a team player and skilled in both sides of the business. You will most likely see Colton working on landscaping, but he will help out with the mowing side of things, too.

Dustin, Crew Member

Dustin has been with us since 2019. Dustin strives to make your lawn look good! You will most likely see Dustin working on mowing, but he will help out with the landscaping side of things, too.