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Finally Friday!

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What are We up To Wednesday

As much as we love hump day, we thought we’d celebrate our own way!

Each Wednesday we hope to provide you with an insight into the happenings at CCLC. This week we have a few jobs on the schedule. We will be performing a few Spring Clean-Ups and getting all of our equipment ready for our season, which seems to be only a few short weeks away!

We can’t believe how quickly this winter has gone by! Can you?



When It Rains, It Pours.

As I am sure many of you already know, storms are in the forecast for later today. Our family loves a good thunderstorm… all of us that is, except for our dog, Cooper. He is a Golden Retriever and the biggest scaredy-cat you’ll ever meet.


He doesn’t like thunder, and really doesn’t like to be out in the rain. (We can’t say we blame him on getting soaked in the rain.)

We encourage thunderstorms, especially in the Spring. We know that a few good rains are necessary to achieve picture perfect lawns. And, much unlike our customers, we even welcome the mess a storm can sometimes bring. Misplaced leaves, branches, and debris… You know what we’re talking about.

Should this happen to your lawn after these storms, or any storm for that matter- please call us for a clean up! We are willing and ready to put in the work!

Our Favorite Season

Around here it’s hard to state which season is our favorite…

Spring brings a new season, and with that comes Spring Clean-Ups, fertilizer treatments, and even some mowing! Not to mention few birthdays around here… (cough, cough… Jordan’s and Megan’s 😉 )

Then there’s summer… and with that comes long days spent mowing and getting a good ole farmers’ tan. Sippin’ on sweet tea or lemonade by the pool on days off- Ha, who are we kidding?! There’s no rest for the wicked.

Then comes fall, full of pumpkin patchimg_0050es, apple cider, leaves a plenty. Not to mention football Friday and rooting the Rochester Rockets on to victory with this cute little Rocket fan… (the little one, not the big one). Fall Clean-Ups and end of the season mowing are a must!

And who doesn’t love Winter?  Snow plows and salt trucks for days… oh, must be just us then 😉
Find us on Facebook and tell us what YOUR favorite season is!

Prepping Your Yard For Spring

With March being just a few days away, we thought it would be important to share some tips on how to get your yard ready for Spring.

  1. Clean. The first step in prepping your lawn for Spring is to clean up all debris, leaves, and twigs that have gathered over winter.
  2. Give your yard a pre-emergent crabgrass control fertilizer application, or allow CCLC to do it for you.
  3. Fertilizing in early spring gives your yard a nutrient build up that will give it strength to withstand heat and drought throughout the summer months.
  4. Aeration. Aeration will help root development, relieve soil compaction, stimulate new growth, and increase water, air, and nutrient movement to the root.
  5. Re-seed any damaged areas from winter weather.


This is the excerpt for a featured content post.

Here at CCLC, our days can get pretty interesting. From finding snakes to finding little nests of bunnies… we see it all.

Our crew starts their day at 7:30/8:00 each morning. They arrive at the shop and are usually greeted by a one year old and two shop dogs… Kinley, Cooper, and Mia. The three of them love to be outside and love to see the guys off in the morning!

From there they split into their crews for the day. Our crews change depending on the day of the week as many of our guys are attending college or have other commitments, like coaching youth football, or working a part time job. However, the same crew typically mows the same yards so that we are consistent. So if you see Joe and Jesse on your property on a Tuesday, you will always see Joe and Jesse on your property on a Tuesday… that is unless it rains and they have to come on a different day. 🙂

They map out their day before leaving, deciding if and when the crews should meet up to manage bigger accounts. Once they have a plan for the day they head out to their designated properties.

Its not unusual to see them singing, dancing, and having fun while on the job. Once at a property one of the first things the guys do is put on their radio headsets and get them programmed to their preferred station. Then, they hop on their preferred mower and get to work. Did you know our crew mows over your lawn at least twice to ensure that they didn’t miss a spot… and to give you those baseball field like stripes?

Once the property is mowed, they work on trimming and weed-eating. Sometimes they decide one guy will mow and the other will start on trimming and weed-eating. After the trimming and weed-eating is completed, the guys start to blow off all of the hard surfaces!

They do this repetitively about fifteen or more times each day.

After the job is done, the guys head back to the shop. Many nights after work they hang around to run football routes, play with equipment, or just hang out!

On hot summer days, Megan and Kinley enjoy surprising the guys with popsicles.  It isn’t uncommon for the guys to be treated to Mel-O-Cream donuts on early morning mows, either!

We appreciate the hard work and dedication our crew brings each and every day!



Learn More About Us

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Jordan’s experience in lawn care goes way back… back to when he was only 10 or 11 years old! At the time, Jordan’s dad worked for HPR and would mow the owner of HPR’s lawn. Jordan, his brother, and his dad would go mow, once a week. Jordan blowing off hard surfaces, his brother would mow, and his dad would trim. When Jordan started in lawn care, he was still a student at Chatham Middle School. His family moved to Rochester when he was in sixth grade (which is where Jordan met his high school sweetheart, Megan). It was at this time that mowing was his brothers’ responsibility, however, being an adolescent boy, he fell short and never did it. Jordan enjoyed mowing, so he took over that chore.

It wasn’t until a neighbor and family friend came asking for assistance. He wanted Jordan to mow their property because they weren’t happy with the service they were receiving in lawn care. This neighbor asked Jordan what he would charge to take care of his lawn each week… Jordan priced it at $30/week, but this neighbor told him no, he would do it for $40… and that’s what Jordan charged them until they moved away.

It was that moment that inspired Jordan to make his little mowing gig something bigger. Because of a friend… and because someone believed in him.


Jordan and Megan met and began dating in 2008. They graduated from RHS in 2010 (Megan) and 2011 (Jordan). Together they balanced school, work, and running CCLC. Megan’s brother, Joe, joined the team in 2012. In 2014, Jesse was brought on. Also in 2014, Megan and Jordan were married… and in November of 2015 they welcomed their daughter, Kinley. Mike joined the crew in 2016. Joe, Jesse, and Mike all graduated from RHS, too. The three of them are holders of at least one Football State Championship title that they are pretty proud of.

Its not uncommon to find our crew running football plays in the yard after work.