Our Favorite Season

Around here it’s hard to state which season is our favorite…

Spring brings a new season, and with that comes Spring Clean-Ups, fertilizer treatments, and even some mowing! Not to mention few birthdays around here… (cough, cough… Jordan’s and Megan’s 😉 )

Then there’s summer… and with that comes long days spent mowing and getting a good ole farmers’ tan. Sippin’ on sweet tea or lemonade by the pool on days off- Ha, who are we kidding?! There’s no rest for the wicked.

Then comes fall, full of pumpkin patchimg_0050es, apple cider, leaves a plenty. Not to mention football Friday and rooting the Rochester Rockets on to victory with this cute little Rocket fan… (the little one, not the big one). Fall Clean-Ups and end of the season mowing are a must!

And who doesn’t love Winter?  Snow plows and salt trucks for days… oh, must be just us then 😉
Find us on Facebook and tell us what YOUR favorite season is!

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