This is the excerpt for a featured content post.

Here at CCLC, our days can get pretty interesting. From finding snakes to finding little nests of bunnies… we see it all.

Our crew starts their day at 7:30/8:00 each morning. They arrive at the shop and are usually greeted by a one year old and two shop dogs… Kinley, Cooper, and Mia. The three of them love to be outside and love to see the guys off in the morning!

From there they split into their crews for the day. Our crews change depending on the day of the week as many of our guys are attending college or have other commitments, like coaching youth football, or working a part time job. However, the same crew typically mows the same yards so that we are consistent. So if you see Joe and Jesse on your property on a Tuesday, you will always see Joe and Jesse on your property on a Tuesday… that is unless it rains and they have to come on a different day. 🙂

They map out their day before leaving, deciding if and when the crews should meet up to manage bigger accounts. Once they have a plan for the day they head out to their designated properties.

Its not unusual to see them singing, dancing, and having fun while on the job. Once at a property one of the first things the guys do is put on their radio headsets and get them programmed to their preferred station. Then, they hop on their preferred mower and get to work. Did you know our crew mows over your lawn at least twice to ensure that they didn’t miss a spot… and to give you those baseball field like stripes?

Once the property is mowed, they work on trimming and weed-eating. Sometimes they decide one guy will mow and the other will start on trimming and weed-eating. After the trimming and weed-eating is completed, the guys start to blow off all of the hard surfaces!

They do this repetitively about fifteen or more times each day.

After the job is done, the guys head back to the shop. Many nights after work they hang around to run football routes, play with equipment, or just hang out!

On hot summer days, Megan and Kinley enjoy surprising the guys with popsicles.  It isn’t uncommon for the guys to be treated to Mel-O-Cream donuts on early morning mows, either!

We appreciate the hard work and dedication our crew brings each and every day!



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