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Jordan’s experience in lawn care goes way back… back to when he was only 10 or 11 years old! At the time, Jordan’s dad worked for HPR and would mow the owner of HPR’s lawn. Jordan, his brother, and his dad would go mow, once a week. Jordan blowing off hard surfaces, his brother would mow, and his dad would trim. When Jordan started in lawn care, he was still a student at Chatham Middle School. His family moved to Rochester when he was in sixth grade (which is where Jordan met his high school sweetheart, Megan). It was at this time that mowing was his brothers’ responsibility, however, being an adolescent boy, he fell short and never did it. Jordan enjoyed mowing, so he took over that chore.

It wasn’t until a neighbor and family friend came asking for assistance. He wanted Jordan to mow their property because they weren’t happy with the service they were receiving in lawn care. This neighbor asked Jordan what he would charge to take care of his lawn each week… Jordan priced it at $30/week, but this neighbor told him no, he would do it for $40… and that’s what Jordan charged them until they moved away.

It was that moment that inspired Jordan to make his little mowing gig something bigger. Because of a friend… and because someone believed in him.


Jordan and Megan met and began dating in 2008. They graduated from RHS in 2010 (Megan) and 2011 (Jordan). Together they balanced school, work, and running CCLC. Megan’s brother, Joe, joined the team in 2012. In 2014, Jesse was brought on. Also in 2014, Megan and Jordan were married… and in November of 2015 they welcomed their daughter, Kinley. Mike joined the crew in 2016. Joe, Jesse, and Mike all graduated from RHS, too. The three of them are holders of at least one Football State Championship title that they are pretty proud of.

Its not uncommon to find our crew running football plays in the yard after work.


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